Artist Statement

Several years ago, I was given a weekend glassblowing workshop for Christmas. That was my first introduction to working with hot glass and I didn't know it at the time, but it was also the event that would eventually lead me to my career change. I was introduced to an artist who taught lampworking and found it was a way to create tiny glass gems out of my home studio. And of course... that led to designing jewelry.Working with the hot glass is one of my favorite parts and to me it is mesmerizing watching a rod of glass melt in the torch. I primarily work in shape and color since I love the pure color of the glass.You will find my little leaves in just about every design.

Creating the palettes and designs is where I believe my previous art background is a definite asset. My work table is covered with glass beads and gems and I approach my pieces as I would a painting combining different beads and elements to create depth and light. Each piece has a multitude of semi-precious gems that are wireworked throughout the piece to give it movement and interest.

The biggest compliment I can receive is to hear that people love wearing my pieces (and they get compliments!). Jewelry is a personal expression of ourselves and it is a wonderful feeling when someone decides to wear my designs.